UniBond Aero 360 Pure Moisture Absorber Dehumidifiers Device With 1 Tab

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Aero 360? device is the revolution of moisture control. The new Henkel system optimizes the air circulation by 360?. The Aero 360? system is based on the physical principle ? the more contact the tab has to air, the higher the moisture absorption power it provides. The aerodynamic device has a unique 360? Air Tunnel enabling the air to circulate completely around and through the hanging tab.

The ultra-absorbent Aero 360? tab has active crystals for a superior humidity absorption. The improved wave shape and a centered opening for an enlarged surface for more air contact boosts the performance of the system. This leads to up to 40% higher efficiency.*

* compared to a Henkel standard system.

Aero 360? moisture absorber is the best solution for moisture control, as it absorbs the excess moisture from the air thus creating a healthy environment at home.

This moisture absorber system works with a unique Aero 360? refill tab, which lasts approximately 3 months in a 20m? room*. The excess moisture is then converted into a salty solution, which collects in the tank of the device. The Aero 360? refill tab gradually reduces its volume due to the moisture absorption process until it is completely dissolved.

*depending on the moisture level and room temperature.


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