Patio Gas / Bbq Regulator 27Mm Clip On 37Mbar, 1.5Kgh Fits Calor Gas / Flogas

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Continental GES


CONTINENTAL PATIO GAS REGULATOR 27MM CLIP ON TYPE Ideal for use with Bbq, Patio heaters To fit 27mm clip on Patio cylinders Calor gas 13kg and 5kg green patio gas Flogas 11kg and 9kg green patio gas Bp green 27mm propane cylinder And any other 27mm clip on propane cylinders INFO Outlet pressure: 37 mbar max Cylinder connection 27mm clip on propane 8mm nozzle Rating 1.5 kg per hr EN 16129 APPROVED on the odd occasion we run out of regulators we may replace with a better quality one



Continental GES

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Weight 320 g
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 8 cm