Apollo Single Tower Paraffin Greenhouse Heater Anti Frost Heater

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Apollo single tower Paraffin greenhouse heater

Product Description
This heater is ideal for heating a small greenhouse
up to 4m sq (40sq ft)

or to assist in a larger greenhouse

Capacity : 4.5 ltrs
Output 0.3kw
fuel consumption 0.027lt per hour
Continuous Burning time when full: up to 7 days.
Protects your plants against the frost
Economical to run for long periods

Size 43 x 32 x 27cm

Setting up a Paraffin heater will take time and patience please read
the instructions carefully and check online if unsure

If it is not setup correctly the heater will create a black sooty smoke
and will need to be thoroughly cleaned prior to re use

Additional information

Weight 1950 g
Dimensions 35 × 30 × 12 cm